Stinks 2 Me


Where Fake News - Misleading Journalism and Political Propaganda are identified and debated by the very public the stories were meant to fool.

Fake news stories are awarded between 1 through 5 gas masks by you the reader.

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What is Fake News all of a sudden

Since the Elections of 2016, main stream news outlets have been beside themselves trying to lay blame on how they all got it so wrong. Rather than admitting that they are out of touch with Mr. and Mrs. Average American, they have tried several avenues of blame finally settling on Fake News. Fake New by the Russians! No Less Learn more »

Facebook to the Rescue

Facebook to the rescue. Mark Zuckerburg is going to determine which news if fit to publish. Funny, during the campaign Facebook was the place to see all the Fake News. At YOU will determine which is fake since lately, all news seems to be faked.

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False Narratives

The term "False Narrative" has been around for a while. Up until now, used by people on the right in their attempt to fight against all the news outlets dutifully spewing "False Narratives" without mercy. False Narratives are repeated over and over subscribing to the theory that if you repeat the lie long enough, it will become fact.

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Mis Leading News

Our mainstream news sources are so used to using misleading news headlines and stories they have come up with a name for it. They call it SPIN. Spin has bcome so accpeted that they have forgotten how to report truthfully.

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When you have the ability to change channels with a remote and you hear political pundits repeating the same talking points verbatim, you have to wonder who is pulling their strings. As it turns out we found out because of the e-mail hacks, which is now being called Fake News which is tad amount to Propaganda.

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All the Cable News stations are guilty of having NEWS in their name but actual news is hard to come by unless you watch the BBC or Canadian News Stations. Our stations harp on opinions disguised as news. Some of the shows actually identify themselves as Opinion Shows but not many. Learn more »


Outright lies are part and parcel of Fake News and False Narratives. The intent varies from outright fraud to a group of elitist leftist reading teleprompters or hosting panels of other elitists on "TV News Shows". They pretend to be talking you YOU, but in fact they are performing for each other to show that they are the smartest person in the room. You after all are just too stupid for them to waste their time reporting on truth and facts.

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So we don't need Mark "the hoodie" Zuckerburg to censor our news stories. We can do it ourselves. Join us in this adventure in truth and find a story that Stinks to you and send it to

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